Passengers flying out on United Airlines who have checked bags need to be checked in for their flight no later than 45 minutes before flight time or 30 minutes for those United passengers without checked bags. For Delta, passengers need to be checked in no later than 30 minutes before flight time. All international travelers need to be checked in at least an hour before their flight. Passengers who check in later will not be allowed to board their flight.

Due to staffing challenges, the Airport STRONGLY encourages passengers to be checked in, in the Airport terminal, and going through passenger screening AT LEAST one hour before flight time (or as soon as the screening checkpoint opens up). This is particularly true for the 7:30 am United and Delta flights which board at the same time. It is NOT POSSIBLE for TSA to screen all the passengers for these flights in enough time to get all the ticketed passengers on board unless passengers start the screening process when screening opens.

Passengers must be on board their departing aircraft 15 minutes before departure. The aircraft door will be closed 10 minutes before the flight.

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